The Transformation Experience™

and studies in numerous disciplines, including physics, philosophy, theology, metaphysics, psychology, astronomy, mathematics, neurology and physiology.

The Demartini Method is a breakthrough discovery and cutting edge personal transformation method. It has helped tens of thousands of people in over 50 countries and has been hailed as the "ultimate human transformation methodology."

      "Dr John Demartini is a profound and creative thinker and a pioneer in the realm of personal transformation. I believe he has no peer in the modern era. His model has displaced most of what I have learnt and practiced over the last 25 years in my work."   --Mark Kahn, Clinical Psychologist

This one-day personal development program focuses on assisting attendees in lifting the burden of stress from their lives in regards to

       • past and present relationship conflicts
       • health concerns
       • business relations
       • difficult decisions
       • traumatic events
       • spiritual questions
       • family losses and
       • other life struggles and challenges

The Demartini Method challenges your old assumptions about living and offers you a new and refreshing paradigm in thinking and feeling. It provides an exceptional opportunity to deepen your exploration of life and its mysteries.

Former attendees of The Transformation Experience workshop felt inspired, enlightened, empowered and unburdened. They have also reported the following experiences:

       • Emotional charges eliminated;
       • Brain noise disappeared;
       • Stress and anxiety relieved;
       • Appreciation of others;
       • Total self acceptance;
       • Realization of self worth;
       • Peace and calmness;
       • Deep sense of gratitude;
       • Unconditional love;
       • Clarity of purpose and direction;
       • Clear understanding of relationship dynamics;
       • Awakening to inner being and greatness;
       • Expanded consciousness;
       • Realization of nothing missing and everything OK;
       • Revitalization and energy surge;
       • Feeling and looking younger; and
       • Feeling confident and empowered to meet challenges...