The Transformation Experience™

How Does the Transformation Process Work?

The primary personal transformation method employed in The Transformation Experience is The Demartini Method (The Quantum Collapse Process). It involves the "collapsing" of your positive and negative emotional charges on a person, a thing, an event or an experience in your life.

Once you have learned it, The Demartini Method has 1000 uses. But for maximum benefits, you start with collapsing someone with whom you have issues. This person, deceased or alive, still affects you in some way and thereby still "runs your life." This is a person who annoys you, upsets you, drives you crazy, pushes your buttons, is hard to get along with, hurt your feelings, betrayed you, stole from you, abandoned you, abused you physically, emotionally or sexually, or traumatized you, etc.; or on the flip side, he or she is someone with whom you are so infatuated that you cannot get them out of your mind.

The Transformation Experience workshop will enable you to dissolve any of these issues.

The Demartini Method consists of multiple steps involving a series of scientifically designed questions. Step by step, the process helps you 

   - Identify and clarify emotional charges
   - Gain reflection and transparency 
   - Dissolve infatuation and self-minimization
   - Dissolve resentment and fear
   - Dissolve self-aggrandizement and pride
   - Dissolve shame and guilt 
   - Dissolve exaggerated labels and judgments
   - Dissolve fantasies and their causes 
   - Dissolve nightmares and their causes
   - Dissolve lopsided perceptions
   - Dissolve emotional charges
   - Discover synchronicity and the hidden order of the universe

The Demartini Method works at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels simultaneously. At the completion of the process, all your emotional charges are neutralized and your brain noise eliminated. You get a profound sense of gratitude and love. Tears flow out of your eyes. Like water boils at 1000C, you suddenly get into a new state of awareness, with a clear mind, open heart and revitalized body. You experience Transformation!

As a transformed person you become radiant. Those who used to be under severe stress and depression now look many years younger. In a scientific sense, when you are in this state of gratitude and love, you are in what the Quantum Theory calls a "non-local" state, beyond space and time. Your are having a "timeless mind and ageless body!" You can now "non-locally" access the person you have "callapsed," who are either alive or so-called "dead," and integrate both your light and your shadow (dark) natures.

The Demartini Method can also help one rapidly equilibrate emotions associated with the gain and loss of a loved one or important thing. It can bring one from a profound state of sorrow and grief to a state of peace and calm within a matter of an hour or two. Thousands of people have dissolved remorse, bereavement and grief over the death of family members this way.

The Demartini Method is extremely effective in helping children of divorced parents to quickly adjust to new circumstances and find normalcy in their lives.

The Quantum Collapse Process is a reproducible science. It is the most powerful methodology in personal transformation. Difficult issues such as trauma, abuse, grief and depression, which used to take months, years and sometimes for ever to resolve with traditional psychological and psychiatrical methods, can now be dissolved in a matter of hours.

The breadth and depth of the results achieved through The Demartini Method has not been matched by any other human transformation methodology available on the planet.


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