The Transformation Experience™

My Personal Story

You may wonder how I got involved in teaching The Transformation Experience. It all started with a major relationship challenge many years ago. At the time I had to work with a powerful individual whom I totally despised. In my self-righteous persona, I viewed him as a conniving power maniac and control freak. who had a personal agenda in every move he made. So I blocked most of his initiatives. I prided myself of my righteous stance and the unfailing integrity I thought I had demonstrated.

When a person used to wielding power got frustrated by a dogged Mr. Right, his attacks against his archenemy was fierce. Needless to say, our relationship deteriorated. He wanted me dead.

I didn't like that situation one bit. It was the most stressful relationship I've ever had in my life.

I wanted to change that.

I came to the awareness that the problem was never with others, but always with me. I could never change others until I have changed myself. And once I change, the entire universe around me changes with me.

I decided to become a more loving and accepting person. I wanted to be able to love him and accept him as who he was.

This proved much easier said than done!

I tried for two full years and still couldn't do that. I studied, prayed, contemplated, went to seminars and solicited advice at every opportunity available. In the end, I was only slightly better than before. The way that person conducted himself still upset me. In other words, he still ran my life.

The Spirit must have taken pity on me, because It one day led me to Dr. Demartini's events calendar on his website. I signed up for his Breakthrough Experience seminar without a clear idea of what it's about. I just knew it would be important to me. I was very pleasantly surprised by the content of that seminar when I got there. It was the kind of information that I had searched for all my life.

The basic method taught in The Breakthrough Experience is the same Quantum Collapse Process (The Demartini Method) as taught in The Transformation Experience workshop.

That seminar transformed my life. I was finally able to love and accept this person with no judgment. In my equilibrated state of awareness, and out of genuine gratitude and unconditional love, I wrote him a sincere thank-you letter.

That letter changed his life, too, and touched the hearts of a few more people whom he let in on it.

This is the power of The Demartini Method.

And this was why Dr. Demartini created The Transformation Experience seminar and trained a global community of teachers/facilitators to teach this life transformational tool.

Benjamin Franklin said, "Tell me and I will forget, show me and I might remember, involve me and I will understand."

Real understanding and genuine learning and growth come only from doing and experiencing. Spiritual truth cannot be taught. It can only be caught. Books and theory can only take you so far. Until you have actually done something or experienced something, you cannot truly know that thing. "Delicious" means nothing until you taste the food.

This is where the value of The Transformation Experience program lies. It enables you to experience the inner and outer changes through systemic steps of doing. It is not a purely theoretical seminar, but an experiential workshop, with 80% of the time spent on doing.

If you want to transform your life, if you want to dissolve the consuming negative emotions and challenges in your life and have more love, more peace, more energy and more confidence, I sincerely invite you to The Transformation Experience.

You will be glad you did.

It could be the best time and money you've ever invested in yourself and the most profound experience you will ever have.