The Transformation Experience™

Is the Program Worth My Time and Money?

How much value would you place on an unburdened heart, liberated mind and de-stressed body? Or a saved marriage, healed trauma or gained direction in life?

Over the years, I have met some leading psychologists and psychotherapists from different countries. The amount of money they have spent on their university and continued training is usually hundreds of thousands of dollars. The cost of their time and energy spent is much greater. Yet upon learning The Demartini Method, they have all abandoned the practice of their previous methodologies which they had spent many years learning and practising.

The reason is very simple. The Demartini Method works better, much much better.

As to their clients, many had spent thousands and tens of thousands of dollars over months and years to get results that were far less complete than what they get now within a matter of hours with The Demartini Method.

The Transformation Experience seminar will give you clarity of your situation and enable you to meet the challenge in your life, career, health and relationships.

The Demartini Method is NOT a 5-month program or 10-year therapy. It's a one time complete dissolution of any issue. If you can follow instruction and answer a series of scientifically designed questions, your result is guaranteed. It's a reproducible science.

The cost you spend on learning this most fantastic tool in The Transformation Experience that will benefit you for life is a mere fraction of the long term costs associated with traditional methods. The registration fee for this extended, full-day workshop (10-12 h) is less than the cost for one hour that you spend with an average divorce lawyer!

Isn't this a no-brainer?

One of the things you will learn in this program is this: you always have the money, time and energy to do the things you deem important, subconsciously.

Some women can always find the money for their $1,000 LV purse or $300 visit to the spa. They will starve themselves if necessary. Some guys always manage to find the money to buy the newest electronic gadgets, no matter how much they complain about their tight finance.

Others find the money and time to go to seminars to improve themselves, to increase their value and to expand their horizon. These are the people who understand that the best investment one can ever make is the investment in one's own growth. These are the people who become masters of their own life and create their own success. They are the causes rather than effects, winners rather than losers, and vitors rather than victims.

What do you want to be?

What kind of life do you choose to live?

What is really important to you?

God helps those who help themselves. Success favours the ones who take action.

Therefore, take action now, and start transforming your life!


                                               Yes, I Want to Transform My Life!