The Transformation Experience™

What Others Are Saying

From Stuck Victim to Healing
"Thank you! I felt stuck! I was unable to find my way out of blaming, rescuing and victimizing my own life. I just couldn't see another possibility - how to change my feelings, even though I kept on looking at the dynamics. I feel an enormous shift! Now I feel I have a tool to heal myself and my relationships." -- J. G.

Was Lost but Now Found
"Before Andi's treatment I was lost, having lack of desire, no focus, a swinging emotional temper. After a few treatments and a lot of patience from Andi I shifted more fully in the present appreciating and becoming more aware of love and happiness. I am now more grateful for individual opinions and allowing them more freedom and now it's easier to love other people and work as a team member.  I now have more enthusiasm than I had before and find life much more enjoyable. Because of my increased focus I am more open to follow my own inner direction. -- E. N.

Healing Transformation Hardly Dared to Imagine
"Thank you for this healing transformation. I came from my depressed darkness and morass. Five to seven of the seven areas [of my life] were very low functioning, past, present and future. My wife and soul mate is struggling with life and dying... I've been heartbroken, helpless, lost and tormented. Your process enabled me to clear, cry, communicate, hear and say what the unspoken transforming/healing messages that I've so desperately been seeking and have a new profound sense of peace, power, purpose, led and driven by love, [which] enabled what I have hardly dared to imagine."  -- H.M.M.

Pain of Divorce Dissolved
"I was "logically" clear about the benefits of dissolving my marriage. However, I felt pain, betrayal and low self esteem. The process was difficult. During the exercise my logic was still running... With the help of Andi's support and explanation I suddenly got a breakthrough. I found/felt the benefits of each and every difficult moment. I'm so grateful for the process because it allowed me to realise how amazing and strong a person I am! Thank you Andi for helping me to find myself." -- A.C

First Rate Experience
"This was first-rate. It was a cleansing and much needed purging. I've got to do this again and again. Thank you for giving me this first rate experience." -- D.K.

Life-Altering to Tap into Higher Awareness
"Even though the concepts of life, reality and love expressed in the workshop were familiar to me, it was life-altering to be, live and love consciously and with every cell of my body. It was fun to tap into the universal consciousness for information that was not accessible just with my brain." -- D.D.

Mother Now Accepts Daughter
"I wanted to settle some differences with my daughter for a long long time, but I just did not know how to go about it. The Demartini Method has really succeeded in helping me to uproot a lot of disturbing thoughts and feelings toward my daughter.  I also was able to understand more about the universe and the Divine order of things." -- B.H.

Worried Mother Relaxed over Son
"I saw my son in a very negative light. I was worried that he was heading in a direction of a looser. I am now free to be more supportive, more relaxed in my approach of mothering my son. I am happier about the future prospects for my son. He is going to be alright." -- R. F.  

Accepting Oneself
"I felt like I was judging myself before I started. Then I saw that there are no mistakes, and I felt grateful towards my life, exactly the way it was. Andi Shi made me feel comfortable working on my hard issues that I have a hard time getting through on my own." -- B.P.

Hatred Turned into Appreciation for Ex-Wife
"I had hated my ex-wife very much. I couldn't think of anything good about her. She was a demon in my mind for many years. The transformation session totally changed my perception of her. I found her represented by a painting on the wall. I couldn't see her face clearly when I kept a distance from her. But when I moved closer, I found a totally different picture. In my equilibrated state, I was able to be present with her, see her crying and hear her words. For the first time in my life, I understood what she had been through. Had I had this training 20 years ago, my life would have been totally different. I would have a happy family and an excellent wife. I honestly hope that more and more people have the opportunity to attend this training program. I definitely want my son to attend." -- C.H.

Guilt Relieved
"My brother died many years ago. I never got the opportunity to say goodbye. I was very far away and unable to see him. I have felt very difficult and guilty for so many years for not being able to be there for him. My partner was able to receive/give me comfort in knowing that my brother and I connected again. Thank you." -- A. M.

A Wonderful Mystical Experience
"Before the workshop, I was working on my path of neutrality with GOD's help through the way I understood and I felt very comfortable. This method started anyway though I felt it would not be significant. It gave me an incredible opportunity to be validated by a fellow attendee who told me [during the communion] everything I should know that pertains to my path now. It was a miracle as it was the gift I required. Thank you, GOD! This is a wonderful mystical experience." -- L.A.S.

Anger toward Father Turned to Love

“I walked into the workshop unsure of what would come from it. I had a lot of anger for my father that had been building upon the years. During the workshop it was still unclear what would happen. It wasn’t until the end that the shift occurred and all of the anger resentment was gone. What was left was the innocent love between a boy and his father. That precious bond. Thank you!!” -- A. K


Found Mother’s Love after Feeling Abandoned for 57 Years

“My mother gave me to family at age 3. She abandoned me. Over the years I had done work on this issue. I had forgiven her but I did not feel a connection to her. During the workshop I began to feel a shift. Upon completion I can say unequivocally that I now feel my mother’s love.” -- L. L.

Reconciliation with Brother after Many Years of No Communication
"[I] did not know exactly why I came to the course. [But] I found that I had to work on my relationship with my brother, which was not very good. [I was] full of resentment. After going through the exercise, I feel that a big load has been removed from my back and I will enjoy being the brother again. [I] will try to put time away to talk about the good old days. I learned very important tools to deal with situations of my life that are unresolved. Andi, you touched my life in a very positive way. I wish I could get part of your wisdom, peace and willing[ness] to help. Thank you for the great insights." -- G.A.