The Transformation Experience™

    Expands Awareness. Dissolves Stress. Heals Relationships.

Discover  the
    Ultimate Human Transformation Methodology: The Demartini Method

The Most Profound, Life Changing Experience
Most People Will Ever Experience

Dear Friend,

Have you ever -
  - Become emotional?
  - Been angry, upset, sad, lost, depressed, hurt, traumatized,
    or infatuated, overly excited or elated?
  - Had issues with your spouse, children, siblings, parents,
    in-laws, or your boss, a co-worker, a teacher, an authority
    figure or an institution?
  - Had problem with self esteem?
  - Felt guilty, ashamed or disappointed at yourself?
  - Felt unmotivated? Or
  - Missed a loved one?

Would you like to -
  - Experience life transformation?
  - Be able to master your emotions?
  - Relieve your fears, stress and anxieties?
  - Resolve conflicts and heal your relationships?
  - Dissolve shame and guilt?
  - Have less stress and more peace and calm?
  - Expand your awareness?
  - Find more self worth and have more confidence?
  - Have clear direction in your life?
  - Do what you love and love what you do?
  - Stop procrastination?
  - Understand why people do things the way they do? And
  - Discover some of the mysteries of the universe?

The list could go on. But if you have said yes to any of the above, then The Transformation Experience program is for you.

The primary transformational tool taught in this full-day program is The Demartini Method, formerly known as The Quantum Collapse Process. It was developed by the foremost intellectual of our time, Dr. John F. Demartini, based on more than 30 years of research more



Andi Shi, Teacher/Facilitator

Andi Shi is an inspiring teacher, counsellor and life transformation specialist. Born in China and trained in both China and North America, Mr. Shi has been mentored by some of the highest spiritual and personal development leaders and is known for his unique combination of wisdom from the East and the West. His profound insights integrate science, philosophy and spirituality. more

What Others Are Saying

"Thank you for this healing transformation. I came from my depressed darkness and morass. I've been heartbroken, helpless, lost and tormented. Your process enabled me to clear, cry, communicate, hear and say what the unspoken transforming/healing messages that I've so desperately been seeking and have a new profound sense of peace, power, purpose, led and driven by love, [which] enabled what I have hardly dared to imagine." -- H.M.M.

“I walked into the workshop unsure of what would come from it. I had a lot of anger for my father that had been building upon the years. During the workshop it was still unclear what would happen. It wasn’t until the end that the shift occurred and all of the anger resentment was gone. What was left was the innocent love between a boy and his father. That precious bond. Thank you!!”        -- A. K more